My extremely unrealistic birthday wishlist. Take notes.

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Wishful poor person with expensive taste

My income is next to nothing, I try daily to get a job, and I’m constantly looking on the internet and looking in shops at things I can not afford. I would do ANYTHING for a job. Even a Saturday job just for a few hours per week. I’m so desperate, and then I have friends saying things like “Oh I hate my job”¬†etc.. So bloody unfair. My boyfriend pays for so much out of his wage (which he really doesn’t mind) but I’m starting to hate it and feel like a bit of a liability. I think it’s only fair that we spoil each other equally but I just can’t afford to. I¬†loathe those people that ‘sponge’ off everyone they can, especially those girls that just ‘expect’ their partners to buy them everything. It’s not fair. I will be a qualified nursery nurse in 14 months and should have a job more or less straight away. I have a lot to make up for/pay for once I do finally have a job anyhow.

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Oh hello there WordPress, I’d forgotten you existed

Haven’t blogged since December 18th and it’s now April 17th! I really need to get myself in gear and carry on writing pointless and useless information for you lovely strangers to absorb…..

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix

Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix.

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Lazy Sunday.

Today I
-Woke up at my boyfriend’s, got ready and walked home
-Ate chicken soup
-Had a two hour nap
-Cuddled with my dog
-Watched Deal or No Deal
-Watched Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
-Made pancakes with jam and sugar
-Watched Hancock
And now I think I’ll watch more TV, eat more pancakes, and have more sleep. Surely that’s all a Sunday should entail?

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Bonfire night :)

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Halloween! :)

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