Wishful poor person with expensive taste

My income is next to nothing, I try daily to get a job, and I’m constantly looking on the internet and looking in shops at things I can not afford. I would do ANYTHING for a job. Even a Saturday job just for a few hours per week. I’m so desperate, and then I have friends saying things like “Oh I hate my job” etc.. So bloody unfair. My boyfriend pays for so much out of his wage (which he really doesn’t mind) but I’m starting to hate it and feel like a bit of a liability. I think it’s only fair that we spoil each other equally but I just can’t afford to. I loathe those people that ‘sponge’ off everyone they can, especially those girls that just ‘expect’ their partners to buy them everything. It’s not fair. I will be a qualified nursery nurse in 14 months and should have a job more or less straight away. I have a lot to make up for/pay for once I do finally have a job anyhow.


About kimberleyrose

Hi my name is Kim. I'm 17, I read a lot and apparently I spend too much time on the internet. I'm currently on my third year at college studying childcare. I'm new to this stuff, so don't expect anything too interesting from me...
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