I am so happy lately.

I usually hate it when people make posts like this but I really am just so happy lately. I love college, I love my work placement, I finally have a bit of money and my boyfriend is amazing. Work/college is making me feel so good about myself and I am just so lucky to have Jonny. I just can’t think of a reason to be unhappy, I haven’t felt like this in so long. It’s about fucking time I had a turn at being happy instead of having things to worry about and be upset over!


About kimberleyrose

Hi my name is Kim. I'm 17, I read a lot and apparently I spend too much time on the internet. I'm currently on my third year at college studying childcare. I'm new to this stuff, so don't expect anything too interesting from me...
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6 Responses to I am so happy lately.

  1. mrgeeko says:

    you doing better than me then. Im entering a phase of much anxiety and uncertainty which will no doubt last for months.

    • kimberleyrose says:

      Aw, that’s not good to hear 😦 things not going well at home/work or..?x

      • mrgeeko says:

        Currently being moved onto ESA from income support. Very worrying time, especially with all the ATOS stuff going on.

      • kimberleyrose says:

        Hmm I’m not big on that lingo but my mum’s on all that, I know no aspect of it’s particularly nice. My mum has arthritis and facet joint disease and they’re trying to take away her benefits and make her go back to work, absolutely disgusting.

      • mrgeeko says:

        ESA is employment and support allowance which is for people who cant work – like your mum. ATOS is the healthcare company which the government are paying to do the medicals. The problem is that the company are wankers and are just kicking everyone off benefits and yes, that includes the terminally ill. They lie and cheat.

      • kimberleyrose says:

        They really do make me sick.

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