My horrible phone

This is the unsightly pile of crap I’ve been sporting for the past two years. When I bought it I thought it was amazing, then after a few months I started to realise I’d bought a phone designed for 11 year old girls. In its defence though, I’ve never had one problem with it until a week ago. Here’s a few of the problems that have occurred with my shit phone. 

  • The camera has just decided not to work anymore. (I thought it might be because I had too many photos stored already, so I deleted about 90% of them and still, nothing.)
  • The wifi has broken altogether. (Which was pretty inconvenient on holiday and meant I had to spend a fair bit of money on using the computer to talk to my mum, etc.)
  • It keeps turning itself off. (Last night for example, I went to bed and it had 87% battery left, I woke up and it had turned itself off because the battery had gone.)
  • Texts aren’t sending/receiving properly. (It tells me I have one, then the text just disappears.)

Luckily my mother has come to terms with the fact I need a new one (even though I’ve been begging her for about a year) and she’s taking me into town this morning to have a look for one. FINALLY.


About kimberleyrose

Hi my name is Kim. I'm 17, I read a lot and apparently I spend too much time on the internet. I'm currently on my third year at college studying childcare. I'm new to this stuff, so don't expect anything too interesting from me...
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