First day back at college

Just as terrible as expected. 65 girls and 1 boy, all with the intellectual ability of a spoon. I absolutely love the course I’m doing and I don’t mean to be judgemental, but the people that apply for it are just eugh. Not the type of people that I would ever interact with. Ever. This means two years of being on my own, which I don’t mind at all, really. I just don’t like the idea of people thinking of me as the ‘odd one’ that doesn’t talk much. There’s only a few people even in my family etc that I have time for and I have very few friends. I would much rather be on my own and stick my headphones in and get on with my work and ignore everyone than have to talk to people I don’t like just to ‘make life easier’. I don’t have much tolerance for people at all to be honest. Or people from the area I live in as it may seem. It would just  be nice if I could get a half decent conversation out of these people once in a while considering I’m going to be spending a lot of time with them over the next two years. I’m sitting in the college library on my own at the minute, I feel like such an outcast. Why wasn’t I born a chav, I would fit in with this lot perfectly.


About kimberleyrose

Hi my name is Kim. I'm 17, I read a lot and apparently I spend too much time on the internet. I'm currently on my third year at college studying childcare. I'm new to this stuff, so don't expect anything too interesting from me...
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2 Responses to First day back at college

  1. mrgeeko says:

    Hey! I Know how you feel. If you do courses such as childcare, trades, cookery etc. you will always find yourself stuck with the lower echelons of society – especially those most evil of creatures – chavs!

    Just remember though, most of them will either drop out or are only doing it to get benefits. You on the other hand will probably use those qualifications to get somewhere in life.

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