This is a picture of my boyfriend and I from a wedding we went to yesterday. We had such an amazing time. We probably drank a lot more than we should have though.. (Feeling the effects today). The day was so lovely, saw lots of people I haven’t spoken to in too long. Cried like a baby at sentimental wedding speeches. Danced with my gay BFF Nigel. Had a cake fight with Jonny. Laughed until I cried. Wore 2 pretty dresses. Ate amazing food. Drank amazing wine. The whole day was just lovely. The only down side was that the hotel bar closed at 11pm (Is it just me that thinks that’s ridiculously early?) but nevertheless me and Jonny bought a bottle of wine and took it to our hotel room before falling asleep on our bed.. or ROCK rather. I woke up with extreme back ache, then trudged downstairs with Jonny at 8:30am this morning and had breakfast with Luke & Nigel. Got home at around 10:30am and was thankful for a nap in my extremely comfortable bed-One of the only upsides to being home!


About kimberleyrose

Hi my name is Kim. I'm 17, I read a lot and apparently I spend too much time on the internet. I'm currently on my third year at college studying childcare. I'm new to this stuff, so don't expect anything too interesting from me...
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